WHAT TO DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE? By Pastor Seyi Olanrewaju

Most of the time we think of what we don’t have. We assume that where we can’t get to is as a result of what we don’t have. And most of the time we neglect what we have.

The same effort it takes to go about begging is probably the same effort it takes to set up a business and make money from it. One of the things I have discovered is that when we stand before great men, sometimes we don’t have anything to offer. And then we complain.

Everyone has something to offer. You do not just exist. Many have become masters in explaining their failures. The truth is there is always a way out. If you are faced with a mountain, you climb it. If it’s too high, you go around it. If it’s too wide, start digging. The truth is when you start it could look so tough, but you have to be persistent.


  1. Stop making excuses. You are not a failure until you blame somebody else.
  2. Tackle your obstacles. Life will never be easy, just like the water meandering a rock, keep looking for a way out of your problems.
  3. Fight laziness. I submit that one of the greatest problems we have in this part of the world is mental laziness.
  4. Stop living a false life. Don’t buy things that are above your pay grade to impress people who don’t like you.
  5. Acquire new skills. Education is learning and unlearning and then relearning what you have been taught.

There is something in you, you can offer the world. If you look inward, I am sure you will find it

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